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Benefits of Partnering with ARI

Catch up after transferring assets and stay on time with payments


Get mineral owners paid in full and without delay


Ensure all division orders and payments are correct


Digital, clear, easy-to-access royalty payment data


Choose only the division order services you need

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about our partnership:

"After finalizing an acquisition of another company that was using ARI for back office work, we really liked how they were running and managing everything. We’ve actually moved our other companies over to ARI since then."

E&P Client

"I know specifically which person to address whenever I have a question. It’s not just shooting an email into the abyss and hoping it’ll find someone who can help you. I know exactly who I’m talking to and they help me work through any issues I have."

Greg L.

Managing Partner

"They are extremely responsive. I can always rely on them. If I need something, I know I will have a response that same day."

Ann Marie T.

Account Manager

"One unique thing about ARI is their ability to scale. They have the resources to quickly staff a project after an acquisition, which has come in handy for us more than once."

Steve L.

ARI Client


Division Order Services We Provide

Verify & Prepare Division Orders

Research & Prepare Burden Breakdown Spreadsheets

Audit Production


What To Expect With ARI

Call Us

Intro call to learn about your assets and needs

Discuss Costs

We prepare an estimate for work you actually need

Receive Your Data

We collect & import your data

Start The Work

We maintain your assets and report monthly


Assisting Felix Energy With STACK Asset & Sale

By running lean, striving for efficiencies, and outsourcing to partners who did accurate work, Felix Energy was able to preserve cash internally so they could strategically increase their leasehold in the core of Oklahoma’s STACK play.

ARI partnered with Felix as they established an enticing 80,000 acres and converted it to drillable locations in the country’s most economic play.

In 2016, Felix sold its STACK leasehold to Devon Energy for $1.9 billion.

80,000 Acres

200+ Transactions

Thousands of Leases


Questions About Our Division Order Services

How will outsourcing division orders help my company?

Partnering with ARI ensures that your work is done efficiently and accurately because our team are experts in division orders. Our partnership is flexible, so you can scale up or down as your division order needs fluctuate.

How much do you charge for division order services?

Each client’s needs are unique, so the cost varies. We charge by the quarter-hour and only for hours actually worked. We provide accurate estimates so your costs are predictable and clear.

Will your team be able to use our system?

We recommend W Energy Accounting software, but our team has experience with many software systems and can successfully and confidentially complete your division orders in your preferred system.

Is my financial data in good hands?

We understand how sensitive financial data can be to a company and the daily impact it has on business, which is why we follow SOC-1 audit controls. We’re not just experts in division orders, we’re a true partner. We build relationships with our clients so we can offer the best service and help them feel confident that their data is in good hands.


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